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About IcMD

Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries is Healthcare in Your Hands. From coast to coast pharmacy services to video medical appointments. All delivered to your door. Anywhere in Canada. Why Leave Home?
IcMD’s goal is to increase access to healthcare services regular Canadians take for granted everyday. Whether remote, rural or urban we have a right to EQUAL treatment across ALL SERVICES.

Video Medical Appointments
At distance care through the technology we carry everyday is the future of health care delivery in North America.

Canada Wide Pharmacy Service
Full service at distance pharmacy program. Incl Central Fill, Multi Dose or Unit Dose, Bubble / Compliance Packs & Video Pharmacist Consultations.

Canada To USA Pharmacy Service

See how sourcing your medications in Canada can save you time and effort. If you have to take it everyday we can help ease the pain of paying for it.

IcMD – Indigenous Canadian Medical Dispensaries

During this time of uncertainty IcMD is proud to be doing everything in our power to help everyone stay protected and healthy. Why Leave Home? has never been a more appropriate slogan and we can help you achieve almost all of your medical needs from the comfort of home. Below are some tips to stay productive, especially if you are in quarantine or isolation.

  • Maintain a Daily Routine
  • Showering regularly, feeling clean makes us feel better!
  • Set up a designated work space if you can
  • Change out of your pjs
  • Take breaks, lunch matters
  • Wash your Hands! (of course)

IcMD also recommends that you wear a mask whenever you leave your house. Whether protecting you or others from you it is what we should all be doing.

Stay safe!

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