Letter to the Editor published in Winnipeg Free Press April 13, 2020


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Letter to the Editor published in Winnipeg Free Press April 13, 2020 

By Kelly Milan, Physiotherapist

Re- Vehicle restrictions to remain in place until start of May, April 7, 2020

I give the City of Winnipeg Operations Dept. a big congratulations for acting with intelligence and leadership for helping us all stay healthy during the Corona virus crisis. It makes perfect sense to facilitate public outdoor activities by blocking daily vehicular traffic on recognized recreational routes. In Canada, and especially Manitoba we have among the largest green spaces in the world and the lowest population density. Our Governments need to help us all enjoy these spaces safely during these challenging times and this was a good example of the right thing to do.

If distances are maintained as recommended there is no risk of contracting the virus while cycling, walking, skateboarding etc. Any person or institution that suggests otherwise is perpetuating an absurd myth. If it happens to come to the point where Canadians are locked down to only leave for an essential grocery trip, this will only serve to worsen the public’s health. Surely, heart disease, cancer, weight gain and arthritis curves will all climb exponentially as the months go on, if people lead an extra sedentary life at home. I also suggest the Authorities don’t close cottage country and various parks this year and follow the principles that led to the City of Winnipeg’s decision. It would be a fear driven decision with no basis in reality or science. Let us all stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors safely.

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