How to Avoid a Big Tax Bill When COVID-19 Relief Ends

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How to Avoid a Big Tax Bill When COVID-19 Relief Ends

Federal and Provincial governments will allow you to defer your tax payments now, but those taxes will eventually become due. Small businesses that postpone their remittances today will face a large bill when Canada’s COVID-19 relief programs end.
And taxes don’t get easier to pay when they are delayed and allowed to accumulate.

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If you choose to defer your payments, here’s something that I have done in my own business that I recommend to clients:

  • I called my bank and had them set up a separate chequing account for my business, accessible by me via online banking. I have labelled this bank account “Taxes” in our online banking.
  • I take 12% of any deposits we receive and transfer them to the Taxes account. This provides the money required to make our GST and PST remittances each month.
  • I take 15% of any deposits we receive and transfer these funds to the Taxes account. This money is meant to pay our corporate taxes and my personal taxes as owner of the business.
  • Because I keep this money apart I always have the cash to pay our taxes.

By setting aside Tax remittances from cash for operating expenses you’ll ensure that the funds are available when its time for you to make a payment. You won’t mistakenly spend them on operations.

You don’t need to worry about a big tax bill and feeling unprepared.

Call your bank today and set up a separate account to hold your Taxes.

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