Guidance to Assist with Coping with COVID-19

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About Megan Ferguson

Thank you for visiting my page about who I am and tips for coping with COVID-19. I think that this time is an opportunity to come together and collectively use our strengths to work on overcoming this together.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a supportive and collaborative helper for those seeking assistance or solutions to life challenges. In partnering with me, I aim to facilitate a safe environment for you to explore values, identities and experiences and how that may contribute to new discoveries and growth. I completed my Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2016 at University of Manitoba and completed my Master of Social Work degree in 2019 at University of Calgary. I also practice Reiki, which incorporates the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of healing into my practice as well.

My goal is to help clients to develop greater understanding of themselves as well provide them with the practical tools and resources to navigate life’s changes and challenges. I believe that seeking help is a sign of great strength and commitment.

Currently, I offer services including counselling, life coaching, reiki and tarot/oracle card readings via video conferencing (ie. Facetime, skype, zoom, etc.) or phone.

Guidance to Assist with Coping with COVID-19

As a social worker, counsellor and eclectic practitioner, I am happy to listen to individuals who are struggling with the various impacts of COVID-19. As mentioned, I think that many of us are trying to adjust and make sense of a new normal. Additionally, the new normal is changing very often.

I am happy to work collaboratively with anyone who is seeking support during this time.

Here are some tips to assist with coping with COVID-19:

  1. Be kind to yourself. This is a new normal for many of us, if not all of us. This requires time to adjust and it is important to be gentle with ourselves, as we navigate this new normal.
  2. Reach out to talk to someone when you feel like you need support. Physical or social distancing, does not mean social isolation. What are some ways that you can still talk to people? Also, please reach out to me or another counsellor/agency if you also need someone to talk to.
  3. Limit time spent watching the news. I know that the news is meant to be informative, but it also can be overwhelming.
  4. Get outside and connect with nature. It is important to get outside and clear our minds. The weather is also improving since last week’s snowfall in Manitoba, which is a plus!
  5. Laugh. I think laughter can be the best medicine sometimes. Engage in things that are joyful and make you happy.
  6. Observe your thoughts and emotions. It is also important to be attentive to our thoughts and emotions. I think it is important to observe if we are feeling different things than what we felt prior to the pandemic. For example, ‘are you observing that you are feeling more anxious thoughts than before?’, and ‘how are you managing these thoughts?’
  7. Move your body. I think that it is important to move our body, whether this is a high intensity work out, dance class, stretch or walk outside or in our living space. Often moving your body, can also help to clear your head and help you to feel better overall. This is also a great opportunity to engage in movement that make us happy when maybe we are feeling low.

I am currently offering sessions via video or phone. Please reach out to me via phone or texting at 204-792-0694, or via email at to discuss options and supports available. I am currently offering free 15-minute connection calls/emails to provide support during COVID-19.

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