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Founded in 1996 and owned by LifeStyle West Publishing Inc, Style Manitoba is a Canadian owned and operated magazine with offices located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Throughout the past 24 years, Style Manitoba has steadily evolved into the most widely read and distributed magazine in the province. Each issue consistently represents the lifestyle interests and concerns of businesses and consumers in Manitoba.

Appealing to a wide range of readers province wide, Style Manitoba is an upscale, glossy magazine that features editorial and photographic material reflecting the lifestyle concerns of Manitobans’. Drawing from a pool of talented writers and photographers, and utilizing the highest production standards, the magazine is produced and published in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Each issue is fully posted online, and shared on Style’s digital media feeds – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Style Manitoba celebrates 24 years of steady growth, and throughout that time, has fulfilled the function that urban publications should, acting as a magnet for community thought and a showpiece for Manitoba and Western Canada. 

Style Manitoba is an excellent vehicle for showcasing, marketing and advertising upscale products and services for both national and locally based advertisers – the magazine truly represents the lifestyle trends of consumers. Products and services associated with the home building, decorating and design market, Manitoba’s burgeoning cultural scene, the fashion, beauty and health sectors, and other lifestyle trends of consumers are integral to the editorial focus of the publication. 

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